Vampire diaries dating in real life

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Vampire diaries dating in real life

recap for Season 7 Episode 11, which was written by Melinda Hsu Taylor and directed by Paul Wesley.This post contains spoilers, quotes, and specific scene descriptions.

Damon experienced a Civil War-themed nightmare on loop; he cracked some jokes about pie, grenades, and Stefan’s emo letters — then completely broke down when forced to air his grievances about the mother who abandoned him.Fortunately, he managed to break free of this hellish dimension and return to modern times; unfortunately, unable to discern between what was real and what was not, he ended up attacking all his friends in a futile attempt to “press the reset button.” So what happened next? After taking down his friends in his fit of rage, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) stares at the bloody scene in horror. Damon awakens to find himself chained to the ceiling in the Lockwood foyer.Thankfully, he doesn’t just sit around staring at them, and springs to action by feeding Matt (Zach Roerig) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) in his blood. He interrupts Stefan’s PTSD-fuel drowning nightmare, to ask why they haven’t vervained him.He’s all like, ‘Um, my bad,” and seeing how teetering on the brink of life and death is a normal occurrence for them, they don’t drive a stake through his heart. He’s all, ‘Do you mind scratching this pesky itch on my back?Also, why am I not wilting away in a dim cellar, season-one style, for trying to straight-up murder all of our friends?’ Stefan (Paul Wesley) then shocks him with the following three words: “It was an accident.” Even though it’s not their favorite memory of Damon, the gang has decided to let bygones be bygones and give Stefan some space to help ease his bro back into reality.

Damon actually looks startled that, for the first time ever, no one is passing judgement on his psychotic behavior and asks for a hug.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino has returned, and is quite dismayed to find a well-tressed vampire and wise-cracking brother squatting in his mansion like a couple of bums.

Furthermore, he’s worried about the current state of Mystic Falls — the whole town has gone to sh! Even Damon, who’s been trapped in the Phoenix stone for weeks, is like, ‘Um, come again?

’ It turns out Julian watched the Season 6 premiere and decided to give the local area a grungy makeover; and because he’s from olden times, he thinks drag-car racing and lighting tiki torches around the town perimeter is scary stuff.

As two of his hungry minions speed off in search of their next meal, Matt and Bon Bon stand by.

They set up traps in the middle of the road, and while Matty complains about how vampires are the absolute worst, Bonnie tries to find herself a honey via a dating app. Considering they’re the only two humans left in Mystic Falls and that Bonnie ends up getting freaky with Enzo in the future, this doesn’t come as a surprise; unfortunately, Matt’s eyes light up with hope at the idea of finding love. The sweet moment is short-lived; the vampires race over the nails, crash, and Matt takes out his frustration on them by beating their dead bodies like they were pinatas stuffed with health insurance policies and free pancake vouchers.

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