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“The word ‘bestialist’, on the other hand, commonly refers to individuals who fuck livestock but couldn’t give a damn about their wellbeing; it’s a pejorative term, with negative connotations of sheep shaggers, goat rapists and horse slashers who get off on mutilating stallions’ genitals.Pet lovers like Stray and I are normal-but-kinky professionals whose tastes are healthily balanced in the middle; we like the thrill of watching or having sex with animals, and are affectionate towards them, but we’re not ‘in love’ with them.

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“My uncle used to stash top-shelf mags in the bathroom cupboards and the garage, and my favourite pastime was to sneakily study them. “Back then, laws on the content of pornography weren’t so tight or so stringently enforced; you could get your hands on a huge diversity of extreme stuff with relative ease.I’d glimpsed pictures of women being serviced by dogs on some smutty playing cards a schoolmate brought back from holiday, but the real moment of enlightenment was discovering a magazine spread showing the famous Danish beast-porn babe Bodil Joensen sucking off a horse.” Bodil was also the star of a notorious underground beast sex compilation called Animal Farm, which was widely bootlegged in the UK in the 1970s and 80s and showed pig fellatio, chicken penetration, and live eels being inserted into the actress’ vagina.The film – which was seized in police raids on Soho sex shops that stocked it, but which had already gone into wide circulation on pirated VHS tapes – became a subject of secondary school gossip across the UK and Europe and, keen to coax his partners into indulging in some live canine carnal action, Doctor X used Animal Farm to test his partners’ attitudes.“Everyone was talking about the movie, so I’d ask girlfriends whether they’d seen it, what they thought of it, and then move on to suggesting they try a bit of ‘puppy love’,” he says.Esta entrevista fue hecha a la pareja zoofílica más destacada del porno zoo de todos los tiempos: Doctor x y STRAY X (chica que ha hecho numerosas películas famosas de zoo para zooskool y más recientemente para kinkcafe, entre ellas the record).Está en inglés pero la traduciré Doctor X and Stray (their names have been changed for legal reasons), think their golden retriever, Elvis, is the dog’s bollocks.

They feed him salmon, let him sleep in their beds and, in Stray’s case, the royal treatment even extends to allowing ‘The King’ to love her tender…or hard, rough, and from behind, while Doctor X and his seven-man production crew film it at their base in sunny south-western Europe.They also arrange regular play dates for Elvis and his doggy friends to service a wide roster of other willing women.Never miss out on an issue of your favourite magazine. So when it came to publishing Bizarre’s Taboo Special, speaking to two people who push the traditional boundaries of taste to their limits – and who indulge in sexual activities that are illegal in many countries, including the UK where penetrative sex with an animal is outlawed – was essential.Web designer and producer Doctor X and adult actress Stray are business partners who make their living through running pornographic websites for people who share their fetish for ‘pet love’ – a term they invented because they don’t feel the labels ‘zoophilia’ or ‘bestiality’ accurately apply to them.“Zoophiles develop a deep romantic bond with an animal, and consider themselves to be in a relationship, sometimes even culminating in an interspecies marriage – fair enough, but we don’t feel that strongly,” explains Doctor X.

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