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The lesson had some mentions about marriage so the preacher thought it would be a good time to talk a little bit about the importance of marriage.

He asked the class: Does anyone know what God says about marriage in the Bible? Marriage is something thats treated very lightly in our society a. The number of people who live together as opposed to getting married has increase from 523,000 in 1970 to approximately 4.5 million today. Its not uncommon for children to be born to single mothers 3.

One little boy raised his hand and said, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Someone: Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning handsprings, or eating with chopsticks. Yet, living together has caused a lot of damage to peoples lives a.

There is a much greater occurrence of infidelity in couples who just live together as opposed to those who live together and are married. Couples who live together before marriage have an 80% greater chance of divorce than those who dont c.

Women who live with a man before marriage are twice as likely to experience domestic violence d.

One study done by the National Center for Mental Health showed that women who live with men yet are not married will experience depression four times more than married women and two times more than single women who live alone B.

Seems the young guy had recently split with a boyfriend after finding out that his man had been sleeping around. Why is it so hard to find a gay man who is interested in monogamy? We may wince at the word “promiscuity,” but research and personal experience both indicate that gay men have more sexual partners than heterosexual men.My friend told me he was stumped and found the questions a bit haunting. It’s reasonable to question why that might be, and to think about the costs and benefits of our sexual choices. In addition to the obvious reason – sex is highly pleasurable – until recently sex between men was illegal, disapproved of and marginalized in most parts of our country.And gay male culture tends to be both sexy and sexualized.Ellen De Generes tells a joke about looking in the gay yellow pages when she first came out and remarking, “Wow! I low-key dream of a time where my entire wardrobe is just different student ministry shirts. We also all have been at one time or another slightly envious of the youth group that has a killer shirt.From designing and screen printing my own shirts to outsourcing it all, I want to give you a few tips on creating…