Webbrowser documenttext not updating

08-Feb-2015 17:28 by 4 Comments

Webbrowser documenttext not updating - Hook up for free in bangalore

I am using Web Browser control to show preview of automatically generated HTML.Users can select options and preview pane reflects those changes automatically.

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Here is my example about how to show custom HTML in Web Browser control.

When we look at methods and properties of Web Browser control our common sense tells us that something like this should work (VB.

NET users: delete “;” after this line): And it works - only once. When we try to refresh Web Browser control we get only white are.

Setting Allow Navigation property to true – some guys suggest it – has no effect also.

To get all assignments works after first one we need to navigate to some page.

about:blank is good candidate because it “exists” also in local machine for sure. You should set Allow Navigation property to true before you deal with contents shown to users.

And that’s not enough – we need to write something to document. Keeping users on generated page Now we can show HTML correctly and everything seems to be okay. Answer is yes if we want users to be able to follow the links we show to them and no if we want to keep users on generated page.Currently we allowed navigation because otherwise we cannot move to about:blank.We have to allow this navigation and disable all other navigation.Fortunately there is Navigating event of Web Browser. Use this property when you want to manipulate the contents of an HTML page displayed in the Web Browser control using string processing tools.You can use this property, for example, to load pages from a database or to analyze pages using regular expressions.