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I have had a pre-production copy of the new Fuji X100T for a week and I have been putting it through the paces to find out how much this camera has evolved since the first X100 was introduced at Photokina in 2010.It was the original X100 that started my love affair with Fuji cameras, and I haven’t looked back since selling my DSLR gear in favor of the Fuji X series for my small format cameras.

This post is not a review of the Fuji X100T per se, but more of a first look at the new camera and its new features and my opinions about it.

To test the X100T I went back to the original X100 with the latest firmware running on it.

I walked around and shot with the original X100 and was first surprised by how much that camera had changed with firmware updates.

It is no longer the slow weird beast I fell in love with nearly four years ago.

The new X100T shows just how much Fuji has moved this camera forward.

It’s like using an i Phone 3 and then going to an i Phone 5.

Focusing is much faster and far more accurate in both OVF and EVF modes.The overall speed and responsiveness of the camera is faster and more fluid.Walking the same path with the X100S shows how much in the middle that camera is in-between the X100 and the X100T.Shooting my original X100 again and looking through those first menus and cursing at the OVF brought back tons of memories I’ve had with these X cameras.I just wanted a nice compact camera to walk around with.I never thought it would have such an impact on my life; from getting me started in street photography, to picking Fuji up as a client and shooting for them, to the wholesale dismantling of my DSLR kit.

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