What is the purpose of backdating stock options

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This glossary progresses in a systematic, alphabetical progression, starting with the letter 'A' to the letter 'Z'.

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Average Annual Growth Rate - The arithmetic mean (average) of the growth of investment value (portfolio value), over a period of years, to yield a particular rate that will give growth information at first glance. In other words, if the project were to be liquidated at this very instant, at this very state of progress, the amount earned on its sale is termed as the abandonment value of the project.

Asset Backed Securities - These are the securities that derive their values from an underlying asset or pool of assets.

In other words, a financial security backed by any other form, like a lease, loan or receivables is an asset backed security."Refers to an individual whose net worth, or joint net worth with a spouse, exceeds USD 1,000,000; or whose individual income exceeded USD 200,000 or whose joint income with a spouse exceeded USD 300,000 in each of the 2 most recent years and can be expected to meet that income in the current year." - Campbell R Harvey A calculation agent is the party that calculates the value of a derivative.

In case of a swap agreement the calculation agent calculates the amount owed.

Finding an integrated list of financial terms and definitions is only comprehensively possible with the aid of a financial dictionary.

This article is an attempt to create a glossary of financial terms, which is both compact as well as comprehensive.

This financial glossary gives better, more precise, and simple-to-understand meanings of financial terminology.

Before beginning my glossary of financial terms and definitions, let me first define the scope of this glossary.

Finance is a broad superset of many sub topics, namely accounting, banking, business, credit, insurance, stocks, etc.

As it was impossible to replicate a whole financial dictionary in one article, the term finance has been split up in the same categories mentioned above.

We have independent glossaries for all the above and the links for them will be provided at the end of this article. It mainly contains all the general finance terms and finance words that do not fall in any one specific subset.

It includes all possible terms belonging to the categories of 'investment finance', 'corporate finance', 'mutual funds', 'financial policies', 'financial economics', and 'market instruments'.