When did kim kardashian started dating ray j

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, sources tell the publication that Kanye mocked their wedding and took jabs at the reality star.“Kanye can’t believe Ray J found a woman who actually wants to be married to him,” a source close to the Mr.

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Ray will never be on the status of Kanye and his only claim to fame is for a mistake Kim [Kardashian] made with him years ago,” the source told the publication.

Kim Kardashian came into the spotlight when a sex tape featuring Ray J was leaked.

Ray J is a well-known singer and Kim was only known as Paris Hilton’s friend at the time. Ray J has since taunted Kanye by making a song “I Hit It First,” and Kanye responded on his latest album Kanye West seems to be the one bringing up Ray J and Kim’s relationship recently.

Her surname was also familiar to the public due to her father’s relationship with O. Yeezy also put a depiction of Ray J in his “Famous” video, which featured Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Rihanna and George W. According to Kanye, he called Ray J to seek approval of his song “Highlights” where he mentions the singer by name.

The sextape with Ray J was recorded in 2003 and leaked in 2007.

Despite the video being almost 10 years old, Kim’s popularity means that it has not stopped selling.

In 2014, seven years after the release of the tape, reported that Ray J gave Kanye and Kim his royalty check as a wedding gift.The publication reports that four months of revenue came to about ,000.Kim and Kanye has two children – North West and Saint West.It is reported that Kanye will like to have more children with his wife., it was revealed that Ray J’s mother was not 100 percent behind his wedding to Princess Love.She demanded that Ray J gets a prenuptial agreement.