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You know, but I've done well here, so it was good to be back on Centre. Even though I knew I should have won that first set easier, sometimes that can get you down and can you lose that set. You said the other day the court was a bit slippery. Court 2 or Court 3 I played on the first match, Court 18. I was actually surprised that I was on Centre Court.

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When you get to 5-All, I was a little bit down, which is normal, because I had 5-2. But I think the main thing is, you know, we're not out there -- we're both going to go out there and compete and try to beat each other, so...

You know, every time I had a set point, she got a let cord. But on some of them she got let cords and she played some good points. JELENA DOKIC: Well, I mean, we're out there to play tennis. You know, if someone thinks you look good, that's great. Are you representing yourself now without a management group?

After 5-All, I lifted my game up a little bit more. JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, it was difficult, because I knew I had chances. Today was a tougher one for me, so to win it in straight sets is great. How do you see that as the glamour match of the tournament? I am in a legal situation right now with Octagon in court. Is it important to have a strategy going into matches?

Is it a matter of mental toughness when you're down nine set points and you can't put her away? You must be happy that you've got two of the most attractive girls on the circuit coming up in the next match, yourself and Daniela Hantuchova. There were a lot of problems I had with a lot of people, so it's just to do it the legal way. With your dad not at tournaments now, who is, shall we say, coaching you? So even when he's not here, you know, I talk to him during the day a lot.

JELENA DOKIC: You would have to talk to my dad about that.

Are there any particular players that you like to practice with or talk to?

How much do you think you owe to them to where you are now as the No.

A lot of practice sessions, so you practice with everyone. Going back on coaches, in your formative years, your seven years in Australia, you had some of the best down there, Barry, Tony and Wally.

So why don't you think of a question that is your business, and you can ask me that.

I learned a lot, especially the last coach that I had, Tony. I really want to win the next match, so I'm just focusing on that. There's been reports linking you to the Formula 1 racing driver Enrique Benoldi. JELENA DOKIC: If I wasn't a tennis player, you wouldn't be talking to me right now.

Would you give yourself the edge over Hantuchova on grass? I think if I play well, I have a good chance to win.

But I think if I'm fit, if I play well, I give myself a good chance. But I think the next one, you know, is very important for me.