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audition aired, it brought a lot of people to tears.Jillian told a story about how she was bullied through middle school and high school, earning wet eyes from the entire panel and a ton of the audience.

Most of us can barely even speak clearly when we’re sobbing, but she managed to belt. And so did the judges’ panel, with unanimous praise from Demi Lovato, who gave her a hug and a pep talk, Britney Spears, L. Reid, and Simon Cowell, who Demz even pointed out was weepy at Jillian’s story.

Watch the whole she-bang right here: as a whole are coming under some criticism of their own for supposedly bullying contestants–and a lot of people think that Demi Lovato in particular is conveying a lot of conflicting messages.

Here’s the thing, though: Criticism and bullying are two really different things, and that’s something that Demi Lovato actually pointed out in a new interview. I feel when you’re giving criticism, you’re only trying to help somebody with their performance or their voice or whatever.

“I think bullying is something that’s totally different than criticism,” Demi said. I think definitely there could be a fine line between some jokes, but for me, ultimately, I’m just having fun and trying to give them criticism.” We totally agree with Demi on this one.

Criticism is something that people, especially performers on shows like actively seek out–even when they don’t necessarily like what they hear.

When you audition for a show like this, you know what you’re getting into, and usually, the judges (save occasionally for Simon!

) are polite, if direct, with their advice and perspectives.At the end of the day, even when criticism is negative on the surface, it’s still helpful, because it forces you to look at something differently and reassess–which will ultimately help you improve.to be bullied, and nothing good comes out of being bullied or bullying anyone else. Think of it this way: Criticism would be Demi or Simon telling someone at an audition, “You need to work on your pitch,” whereas bullying would be Simon and Demi going up to someone on the street humming along to their i Pod and being like, “You’re a douchebag and that is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Unless you read the spoilers or caught a bit of the east coast feed last week, probably the most surprising moment was when judge Demi Lovato had to choose between Ce Ce Frey and Jillian Jensen! Find out who else will join Ce Ce as a part of the Top 16 finalists who will go on to live shows… Tags: arin ray, beatrice miller, carly rose sonenclar, cece frey, david correy, diamond white, emblem3, episode, fox, jason brock, jennel garcia, jillian jensen, judge, judges homes, lylas, lyric 145, paige thomas, sister c, spoilers, tate stevens, top 16, vino alan, willie jones, x factor left us off with a cliffhanger, as we FINALLY find out tonight just which contestants make it through to the live shows starting on November 1st!Check out Dem Dem making her heartbreaking decision (above)!!! In tonight’s two-hour episode, the judges will narrow down 24 acts to only 16, leaving each judge with four acts in each category. Though, what about her connection with bullying victim, Jillian??? We’re sure Jillian will be fine, we just hope that Ce Ce can find some way to make herself more relatable and likeable! Lovato also ended up eliminating rapper wannabe, Nick Youngerman, though that choice wasn’t nearly as shocking as Jillian’s was.

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