Who is larry birkhead dating 2016

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Who is larry birkhead dating 2016

This year she tried her math skills trying to figure out how many books she could buy at her upcoming school book fair if her horse won.I let her pretend bet only."He also says, "She met a play buddy this year.

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"It is our one big dad-daughter date of the year."But choosing what to wear is getting harder as Dannielynn gets older."It has become a big chore to pick out the outfits!Dannielynn wore a dress and shoes by Monsoon, and she insisted I wear a pink jacket."As for how Dannielynn is doing, Larry says, "She is doing great, getting super tall and just has become this funny, intelligent, beautiful girl that I am so proud of."He says, "She loves Pokemon characters especially Pikachu. "The annual horse race has special meaning for the family, because Larry first met Anna Nicole at a Kentucky Derby party in May 2004.She is a thrill seeker like her Mom and she drags me to King's Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio, nearly every chance she gets. She wants to ride larger roller coasters than I will allow."He adds, "She also wants us to pack up and move this summer to The Bahamas and move in to the Atlantis. Smith, a model and Playboy playmate, was found dead in a Hollywood, Fla., hotel room n February 2007 at age 39, of a drug overdose.In April, after a paternity controversy, Birkhead was found to be the father of baby Dannielynn.After almost a decade being single, Larry Birkhead is ready to meet someone new!The ex of Anna Nicole Smith chats with Patti Stanger in a new sneak peak of the season premiere of "The Millionaire Matchmaker." Anna Nicole tragically passed away eight years ago.

The two had one daughter together, Dannielynn, who was born just before the Playboy model died.

While Larry has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part, besides a few public appearances with Dannielynn, he's enlisted Patti's help to finally get out there again and start dating.

Check out the clip above to see what Larry tells Patti about losing Anna Nicole and find out why he still has a "shrine" devoted to the late blonde bombshell in his home.

toofab's Brittany Kyles chatted with Patti about the star-studded season of "The Millionaire Matchmaker," where she revealed that the 41-year-old needed a lot of convincing to get out into the dating pool again. "I have been working with him for two years to come on [the show].

My production company was friendly with him and I of course have a connection because I fixed up Anna Nicole back in the day." The Kentucky cutie was also one of Patti's favorite celeb clients this season!

Dannielynn, who is now 8 years old, made her annual appearance at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday with her father, Larry Birkhead."The Derby was great," Larry tells us in an email chat, adding that Dannielynn "picked fourth place horse - Frosted" to win."She loves picking the horse by their colors.