Who is navi rawat dating

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Who is navi rawat dating

President Harding’s paternal grandmother was Mary Ann Crawford (the daughter of Joshua Crawford and Sophia Stevens).Joshua was the son of John Crawford and Lydia Stapleton, who was born in Midlothian, Scotland.

President Harding’s maternal grandfather was Isaac Haines Dickerson (the son of Joseph Dickerson and Abigail Hinds).

Joseph was the son of Joshua Dickerson and Abigail.

President Harding’s great-grandmother Abigail Hinds was the daughter of Benjamin Hinds and Mary Breese.

President Harding’s maternal grandmother was Charity Malvina van Kirk (the daughter of William van Kirk and Deborah Watters).

Birth Name: Warren Gamaliel Harding Date of Birth: November 2, 1865 Place of Birth: Blooming Grove, Ohio Date of Death: August 2, 1923 Place of Death: San Francisco, California Ethnicity: English, some Scottish, distant Dutch and Welsh Warren G. A Republican, he served as the 23rd President of the United States, from March 4, 1921 to August 2, 1923. President Harding was the son of Phoebe Elizabeth (Dickerson) and George Tryon/Tyron Harding. Harding has been rumored to have African-American ancestry to some degree, dating back to his election campaigns.

He was previously a Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, from January 11, 1904 to January 8, 1906, and a U. Senator from Ohio, from March 4, 1915 to January 13, 1921.

However, no documented African-American ancestry has ever been produced in President Harding’s detailed family tree.

President Harding’s only documented post-1600 roots are English, with a smaller amount of Scottish, and more distant Dutch and Welsh.

A DNA test taken around 2015 on a few of President Harding’s relatives indicated “no detectable genetic signatures of sub-Saharan African heritage in any of the three cousins”.

President Harding’s paternal grandfather was Charles Alexander Harding (the son of George Tryon/Tyron Harding and Elizabeth Madison).

George was the son of Amos Harding and Phoebe Tripp.

Elizabeth was the daughter of William Madison and Mary Hooper.

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