Who oprah dating

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Who oprah dating

That’s also why we should take everything she says with a grain of salt. So even if none of what Winfrey is saying is true, it’s still entertaining to read as fan fiction.(In an email to The Daily Beast, Oprah Winfrey’s spokesperson did not address Barbara Winfrey’s comments on the nature of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King’s relationship.

When he asked how she knew all of the information, she said, “That’s what I pay people to know.” Barbara’s assessment of it all: “Once you’re in Oprah’s world, she owns you.”Barbara says that in all of the years that she’s known Oprah and Stedman, she’s never seen them hold hands and kiss.

“He was comfortable like an old shoe to her,” she says.

Apparently, it was once different, with Barbara recounting a story she had heard from Oprah’s father about a roadtrip with the couple when Oprah was much more touchy-feely with Stedman.

But “then she became this powerful person and things changed, the balance switched,” she says. They talk on the phone three or four times a day, Barbara says, and Stedman has had to learn to be OK with that.

That’s Barbara Winfrey, stepmother to Oprah, giving her sassy and unfiltered opinion on her most famous woman in the world’s famously conspicuous relationship with her best friend, Gayle King.

It’s part of an interview Barbara Winfrey gave to The Daily Mail, an article that reads like the 11 p.m.

tipsy rant of a woman who’s had one too many glasses of white wine.Oh yes, the loose-lipped Winfrey throws all caution to the wind—and “caution,” here, is “insinuation that Oprah and Gayle are lesbian lovers.”Naturally, something this juicy comes with a caveat.As the article’s first sentence acknowledges, Winfrey is giving this interview as a woman scorned.“After 14 years of marriage to Oprah’s father Vernon, Barbara Winfrey is being forced out of her marital home by Oprah, leaving her homeless,” the article begins.In other words, folks, Barbara Winfrey has an agenda.That’s why, despite being among the blessed few granted intimate access to the Patron Saint of Living Our Best Lives for more than a decade, Winfrey has decided to air all of Oprah’s dirty laundry. A lot of what Winfrey has to say about Oprah’s relationship is fun and silly, in that it kind of confirms what we’ve always expected: that weird-ass triangle between Oprah; the man she’s dated for 28 years, Stedman Graham; and her best friend/veritable shadow, Gayle King, seems really freaking awkward.