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This is important because I will be making weekly posts of what I'm writing, and I would like feedback.

There is already one post there as I write this, and I would like any feedback you can give. I'm sure most of you have either already read one of my fics or are at least debating the idea.I'm very proud to have anyone reading my stuff, really, but most of you don't tend to review.I would really love to hear from you all, even if it's just a 'hey, this is great' or a 'looking forward to more', because honestly most of the fics published here are losing their hold on me.I have a rather large folder on my computer labeled Stories in which there are so many files that there are subcategories.The stories are first listed by Multiple Chapter Fics, Oneshots, or Old and Discontinued.Within the Multi-chap fics, there are Single Fandom, and Crossovers, and within Oneshots there's a folder called Complete.

It is the last one that holds most of my published works.

Unfortunately, as I started writing when I wasn't more than 12, most of my stories have been scrapped to the Old and Discontinued folder, but I am still in the middle of 15 or so stories at one time.

This means that they have control over which ones I update on my computer at any particular time.

In other words, getting a review once in a while about how you like this story or that story is the best thing that can happen to me.

When my newer stories start going up, I would especially love for the reviews to come in and encourage me.

I need the encouragement, as I'm finally going off to college this year and may or may not have the extra time to write.

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