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Mini Micro Scooters are the smallest of the Micro Scooter range and are officially suitable for ages 3-5 but the lovely people at Micro Scooters said that many people give them to 2-year-olds who are confident and tall (Lara is both of these things) so we were really excited when Micro Scooters sent Lara one to try out.

Together with the limited edition Neon yellow Mini Micro Scooter, Lara really looks the part.One of my worries about giving Lara a scooter at such a young age was that she would have lots of accidents and dent her confidence but actually, the Micro Scooter is so intuitive to use and so light weight that Lara hasn't really had any accidents at all (this may just be because I am hanging over her at all times!)The Mini Micro Scooter was really easy to put together.It came in two parts which were simple to fix in place.I was thankful that we didn't have to faff about with fitting the wheels or handle bars. The Neon Mini Micro Scooter we have is one of a limited edition for this summer only that are inspired by the bright colours of highlighters – we love it because it isn't too girly and because many of the other scooter options for toddlers are branded so they date quickly.The Micro Scooters don't need branding because they are so iconic themselves.

The Mini Micro Scooter has a flexible base which is wider at the front than the back.There are two wheels at the front and one at the back.The wheels are solid, a bit like rollerblade wheels so this means you don't have to worry about punctures.The most innovative thing about the Mini Micro Scooter is that your child can steer by leaning their weight to the left or right, rather than having to twist the handle bars.I think this take a bit of getting used to but Lara seemed to pick it up straight away.Lara has decorated her scooter with ribbons and a little 'Scoobit' to make it all hers!

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