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September 1962 - "The Frauleins Who Were Smuggled Into the Maginot Line" June 1964 - "D-Day Sex Trap That Wrecked the Seventh Panzer Army". Not true ("just released after 20 years") but more appropriate than concentration camp references in dating tips.July 1964 - book bonus "Quick, Before It Melts" by Philip Benjamin.

But people always ask what kind of animal this one is supposed to be - it's a seal. April 1966 - two illustrations: "The Girl Who Taught Love" "art by Charles Copeland", signed 'C.

Copeland' (reused in the Jan 1968 issue of TRUE ACTION, the guy in that story is not in the Army so there's no stripe on his sleeve); and.

Copeland's second April 1966 appearance is "Vicious Red Plot to Auction Human Hostages", "art by C. I used to believe the editors of STAG pasted their covers together from different paintings (and sometimes they did).

But this is what Charles Copeland's original art for the cover of STAG ANNUAL #4 looks like: Three b&w repeats in STAG ANNUAL #6, 1969: 1. second-page art for "Death Comes Naked" reused from STAG Dec 1967 (title page art by an uncredited Earl Norem); And STAG ANNUAL #7, 1970. The first six STAG ANNUALs were true annuals but starting in 1970 they did two each year.

It remained a cornerstone of his publishing empire for over 40 years.

Men's Adventure Magazines Action For Men Action Life Adventure Life Battlefield Complete Man For Men Only Ken For Men Male Man's Life Man's World Men Men's Pictorial Sportsman Stag Triple Length Adventure True Action True Adventures True Men STAG Martin Goodman purchased the rights to STAG, a 1940s men's magazine, and turned it into a men's adventure magazine in 1950.

STAG was published by Official Magazine, then Atlas, then Magazine Management, all names for Goodman's Diamond Group. STAG ANNUAL was edited by Martin's son, Charles "Chip" Goodman.Charles Copeland contributed art to STAG for 17 years.Although it is difficult to imagine, our checklist here shows that Copeland appeared in 30 of the 36 issues STAG published from 1962 through 1964.STAG became a girlie magazine in the mid 1970s as tastes changed and the era of the men's adventure magazines died out.May 1962 - "Interpol 59 Phantom Global Crime Busters" reused in FOR MEN ONLY Oct 1965.June 1962 - "Break-Out Team From Hell" (not shown) July 1962 - "Troop-Following Comfort Girls" reused in COMPLETE MAN Sept 1965 (not shown) "one of those cuckoo chapters of the Korean War not recorded in official histories".

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