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I wrote a book all about gender that provides tools for standing up against gender-based oppression (like the things below) and working toward a socially justice society.If you appreciate all that jazz, you’ll love this book.

If you are cisgender, listed below are benefits that result from your alignment of identity and perceived identity.If you’re not familiar with the term, “cisgender” means having a biological sex that matches your gender identity and expression, resulting in other people accurately perceiving your gender.If you are cisgender, there’s a good chance you’ve never thought about these things (or even your cisgender identity).Try and be more cognizant and you’ll start to realize how much work we have to do in order to make things better for the transgender folks who have access to these privileges.If you’re unsure of what it means to be “transgender” you can read about it in my gender identity guide.Please comment below if you have any additions or revisions to make!

This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for participants within this Yahoo sponsored Open Source community as well as steps to reporting unacceptable behavior.

Our goal is to make explicit what we expect from participants in this community as well as its leaders.

Open Source projects thrive on diverse perspectives.

If one smart developer could code the whole project, we’d just hire that developer to write all the code.

In reality, complex projects require a diverse perspectives; which you only get when you invite dissimilar people to participate in the group.

When you bring people from different backgrounds together on complex projects tensions arise, sometimes leading to verbal abuse and even threats of violence.

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