Young children and dating

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How do you convince a women that you are not looking for a new mother for their child. I only have her 2-3 days a week so I have lots of time for someone new too.If your believe that, why would you want to try and convince them other wise, I think many of us want long term, therefore, she has been there and done that, and if long term were to happen, I would guess she would have some involvement in your child's life.I only wish I had that free time, because my focus would be on the women who want to date me,, opposed to the women who do not..I'd say do worry about what we can't have,, go after the ones who want to be had,,it's less frustrating,,good luck, Younger women who don't already have kids and want them will find you attractive.Only issue is they will eventually get around to asking you to have children with them, and then you will be even older raising young children.Of course, you can get fixed, and not tell them....:)I have no problem dating a man who has young children in , or temporarily, their home.

It does represent a challenge at times to dating but I dearly love kids so it would be worth it.I have heard this complaint from many of my male friends here and all I can say to them is.... Let me ask you this OP...would you rather have some misguided woman who doesn't really care for kids responding to your advances only to learn she was of the desperate kind ?Or would you like a woman who knows her wants, and limitations?I, personally wouldn't have wanted to subject my kids to that kind of nonsense.I can empathize with your desires, but honest, clear, forthright answers are an anomalyon this site, so consider yourself fortunate if you have received some.Good luck I'm 52 and raising my 14 year old granddaughter, so I understand where you're coming from OP.